icon Can my car fail inspection?
icon Can my car fail inspection?

As cars are bought exclusively online with CashOfferNow, its important to describe your car correctly and disclose anything mechanical or damage to the car that would affect price. If nothing is disclosed, then we assume the car is perfect but if on inspection, any of the following items appear - the likelihood is the car will fail the inspection.


The main items are (all should be obvious to the seller)

  • Has it been crashed
  • Has it been previously written off by an insurance company?
  • Have panels, wings or bumpers been painted covering previous damage?
  • Is the mileage 100% genuine (not clocked or altered in anyway)
  • Are there excessive marks, scratches, dents, damage and scrapes which are not visible on the photos we have but will be on inspection
  • Is there gearbox noise - whining sound, not selecting gears
  • Engine noise - bearing, drive shaft, injectors
  • Are there any warning lights on the dash
  • Is there oil spilling out it
  • Is it overheating
  • When driving - badly pulling to one side or the other
  • Are the shock absorbers leaking

All of the things above should be 100% obvious to the seller before we call - if you are unsure, let us know and we can discuss in advance of inspection.

All cars are bought from the information supplied so to be fair to the buyers - we need to ensure everything is as described. Assuming it is, everything goes smoothly - its about being fair to everyone.

We don't mess with the price when we arrive - if the car is as described - your paid 100% with no haggling, if its not, we fail the car and walk away.

You will never have a situation where you'll be in disagreement - the above items are black and white.

We can also see the NCT test results, what was done, what it passed or failed on, every time the mileage has been logged, when it was last sold, if there is finance on it etc etc so a lot of the inspection is confirming everything is ok since its last test so no point in saying one thing when the reality may be different when the car is checked.