iconAccept offer process
icon Accept offer process

Its easy…..once a deal is agreed online, we handle the sale from here, there's no more messing with prices - its locked in. There are no strangers calling to your house looking to take you car for a test drive uninsured.  We send out our own truck and professional engineer to look after the completion process. It takes about 10 minutes.

  • When our driver arrives, he'll have a print out of everything you’ve submitted online, which he will check off. 

  • We do a quick walk about to make sure the car is 100% as described

  • We start, take it on a short drive to make sure everything is running ok. We are checking 10-12 cars per day and will know by engine sound, exhaust and standard tic over rate if the car has any problems.

  • We check the engine and gearbox for excessive wear, damage or abnormal noises and oil leaks. 

  • We check for crash damage on exterior panels, internal spaces like the boot, under carpets and chassis structure. 

  • We check the VIN against the motor taxation office records and log book. Most cars have a VIN in 6-10 different places - they all should match. 

  • Assuming all ok, we ask you to sign the sale document, which we give you a copy of along with your payment.

As it’s our driver picking up multiple cars, for security reasons, we do not carry cash.

  1. You can opt for an immediate ELECTRONIC BANK TRANSFER (EFT)

  • We handle the change of ownership. 

  • Our engineer will pick up the Vehicle Registration Certificate VRC (previously called the log book) from you once you've signed it.  

  • From the moment the car is signed over, it’ll be transferred into our Dealer TAN number.  This is the Revenue Code for the motor trade. This means we are responsible for all fines; tolls and parking tickets should there be any.

  • For completing the sale, we charge a fee depending on the price of the car, in your case its € 

  • Details of our rates are available here  Rates

If there is anything else you need clarification on or want to talk to someone, click your preferred mode of contact from the links below, we are happy to help.