iconChange of ownership / Log book
icon Change of ownership / Log book

  • They are the documentation certifying ownership of the car
  • The Log Book was the original name of the document until the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) replaced it but they are both the same thing

  • We need to complete the sale with the legal owner of the car
  • If your name is not on the logbook, you may well be the legal owner so we require you photo ID and proof of address
  • Regardless of who’s name is on the Log Book, you need to be in possession of it to complete the sale of the car

  • We you have two options, you can order a replacement yourself or we can do it
  • To do it yourself, you can get the replacement forms at your local police station
  • If you want CashOfferNow to do it, you will need to tell us in advance so we can get confirmation from the tax office you are the registered owner
  • There is a €25 charge for this

  • Most people selling a car will be at the same address on the Log Book
  • There are circumstances where the seller is not at the address, you could be a dealer or casual trader which is fine, you could have recently moved, you just need to let us know.
  • We just need comfort we are buying the car from the owner and the questions forms part of our standard security checks.

  • We handle the change of ownership
  • When the inspection is completed and you are paid, the driver will get you to sign your logbook and take it with him.
  • From the moment the car is signed over, it’ll be transferred into our Dealer TAN number (Revenue Code for motor trade) .
  • This means we are responsible for all fines, tolls and parking tickets should there be any but rest assured cars aren’t driven, they re delivered back to our depot on a car transporter and the same when being delivered to their new owner.
  • On arrival with its new owner, the driver will get him or her to fill in thriller details to have the townships changed over
  • It’s our responsibility to send the updated book to the Revenue